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Hi Architecture enthusiast. My name is Sreekanth Puthenpurackal Sreekumar. I’m an Architecture graduate from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee, a nerdy first rank holder who later decided to become a generalist by doing MBA from Indian Institute of Management(IIM) Kozhikode. I started my professional career with Dar Al-Handasah Consultants as a project manager. After graduating from IIM Kozhikode, I joined a then relatively unknown startup in the hospitality tech industry, OYO. OYO gave me the opportunity to quickly grow from an individual contributor to a team leader. I also got to work in multiple cities across India and Malaysia. Currently, I am working with Amazon Advertising as a Business Development Manager.

Feel free to contact me in case you have any queries.

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Facebook page: TheArchiBlog

Now some interesting facts about The Archi Blog.

Why did you start The Archi Blog ?

Well, as students of architecture we had to make a lot of presentations, mainly on architects and their projects. Most of the time we were alloted certain architects by our professors. The main obstacle in the preparation of these presentations was finding the drawings of the buildings. So we had to either spend hours searching data on the world wide web or go to our institute library and find books on these architects and get the drawings scanned. Overall a very time consuming work. So I decided that I would save the precious time of my juniors and other people around the globe. And hence TheArchiBlog was born.

When and Where was TheArchiBlog born?

If you go through my first few posts you can see that they are basically my personnel accounts on my visit to the architectural master pieces during my internship at Torino, Italy. So it all starts in the month of July, 2010 at Torino, Italy.

Where did you get these datas from ?

The initial posts are a personnel account on the buildings in Europe which I had actually visited during my internship.Even the photos belong to me and my friend.

The post on Vernacular Architecture of Kerala are from around the world wide web. The purpose was to provide a integrated collection on the Architecture of Kerala, as it was scattered over the web space. The reason for doing it is, well love for one’s native state and it’s decaying culture.

The recent posts are however from presentation made by my classmates, my seniors and I. I hope I have rightly acknowledged them my retaining their names on the presentations.

Anyone you would like to thank for the data?

Well yes. Three batches of B.Arch from IIT Roorkee.

  • Batch of 2012(my very own batch)
  • Batch of 2011
  • Batch of 2010

Any request to your readers?

Yes. Please help me spread my blog. Here is the link to my Facebook page. TheArchiBlog

16 thoughts on “The Author”

  1. Hi Sreekanth,
    You have a fantastic blog! I chanced upon it while looking for Kerala architecture and am very happy to have found it. My parents are building a small Kerala style house, completely Vastu compliant in a small town in South India. We have chosen this style since we have some roots in Trivandrum and great love for the culture and heritage of that land. Your blog will be very useful to us and we are impressed by your credentials. Will it be possible for you to help us with some design/illustration? We were going to approach students of architecture for this and if you are be interested, I can provide you with more details like floor plans etc.
    Please reply if you can help.
    Best Wishes,


  2. Well this is regarding the comment on my blog . Yeah I am happy to work on the design. I will be more than ready to help you as I’m eager to get something practical done.
    Hope to hear from you soon.


  3. I teach in a gurukula here in West Bengal. We take a lot of our influence from south India because you can still find gurukulas in places like Udupi. I used to live there and visted Kerala many times.
    I am now designing a traditional house based on the Naluketu style for my family in Bengal. As a teacher in the gurukula, the house will form part of what we teach; how traditional lifestyles are the only sustainable way to live, but not only that, the only really happy way to live. But to be happy in that environment you need to have grown up in it which will provide you with an inbuilt value system that is compatible. That is what gurukula is all about. We are all Krishna Bhaktas and ultimately we want to live simply to be able to realise him.

    I need to know if there is any rule regarding the positioning of doors in a row. Can one have three doors in a row, leading from an outside door, if there is no corresponding outside door at the other end? Can anyone help with that question?
    Thanks! Check this video:


  4. Hi Sreekanth
    Great blog. I am interested in discussing with you for design of our new resort in Ooty area. Please contact me.



  5. Hi, very interesting blog.
    I am a Peruvian Architect, currently based in Bulli, near Wollongong, Australia. I’ve been working as an independent Architect over the last 8 years, mostly linked to rustic elements in Architecture. The peruvian background is a very rich culture and that can be reflected in materials, concepts, ideas, etc. As well each projects has a unique relation with the place it’s located. I can see your interest in those subjects, have a look at my website and feel free to contact me if any particular interest.




  6. hey… thats quite a collection of information u have on ur blog n i appreciate it…i happened to go thru a slideshow that was included along with the post on charles correa’s wrk at parumala and belapur.. is it possible to get a copy of that fr ma studies??


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