Contemporary Architecture

Sangath, Ahmedabad – B. V. Doshi

Passive Design:

  • Not require mechanical heating and Cooling
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions from heating, cooling, mechanical ventilation and lighting
  • Take advantage of natural energy flow
  • Maintain the thermal comfort


  • SANGATH means “moving together through participation.”
  • It is an architect  office
  • Location:   Thaltej Road, Ahmedabad 380054
  • Client:    Balkrishna Doshi
  • Period of construction:  1979-1981
  • Project Engineer:  B.S. Jethwa,   Y. Patel
  • Site area:   2346 m2
  • Total Built-up Area:    585 m2
  • Project Cost:    Rs. 0.6 Million ( 1981 )

Design concept And Features:

  • Design concerns of climate ( temperature or humidity or sunlight).
  • Extensive use of vaults
  • Main studio partly bellow the ground (sunken)
  • Very less use of mechanical instrument
  • Special materials are used resulting in a low cost building costing it
  • Lot of vegetation & water bodies
  • Continuity of Spaces
  • Use of lot of diffused sunlight
  • Complete passive design
  • Grassy steps which Doshi uses as informal Amphitheatre


  • 3.5 cm thick  RCC
  • 8 cm ceramic fuses
  • 3.5 cm thick RCC
  • 6 cm thick water proofing
  • 1 cm thick broken China mosaic finish
  • Ceramics are temperature resistant.
  • Broken China mosaic is insulative and reflective surface.
  • Broken China mosaic  gives a very good textures.
  • Water cascades from fountain into series of Channels
  • Glass bricks
  • Diffused light in the drafting studio
  • Whole area is covered with vegetation
  • Terracotta pots and sculpture lying in the compound

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