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Green Streetscape- A Innovative concept

What are Green Streets ?

Green streets can be described as the  sustainable design and development of a street hence transforming it into a well maintained and eco friendly social element taking into consideration functionality, aesthetics and economy .

—Why Green Streets?

Research shows that public streets and roads cover nearly  one-third of our urban landscapes. However, often we tend to overlook that the massive impervious surfaces are also a high environmental polluter by depositing pollutants directly into streams and water bodies threatening natural habitat and species. since 1980s “nonpoint” pollution caused by runoff from impervious surfaces (such as roads, roofs, lawns, driveways, parking lots etc.) has gained much attention.

Benefits of Green Streets:

  • Reduce runoff
  • Treat stormwater
  • Landscaping
  • Calm traffic
  • Incorporated with sidewalks & parking
  • Clean and cool air and water
  • Enhance neighborhood livability
  • Increase community and property values
  • Enhance pedestrian and bicycle access and safety
  • Protect valuable surface and groundwater resources
  • Add urban green space and wildlife habitat
Origin of the concept:
  • —At Portland ,Oregon.
  • —Started of as a surface stormwater management project

Case Study  : San Mateo County

  • —Location : California
  • —Basic Aim: Controlling surface water runoff
—Various elements involved:
  •  A standard curb cut allows storm water runoff to enter a parking lot rain garden. This curb cut has 45 degree chamfered sides.
  • This flush concrete/stone pebbles  along the roads  allows storm water run off to enter .
  • The 3 foot space between these wheelstops allows stormwater runoff to enter a vegetated earthen land.
  • A standard curb with wings allows stormwater runoff to enter a stormwater facility. The wings help retain the side slope grade on each side of the curb cut opening.
  • A grated curb cut allows stormwater to pass under a pedestrian egress zone to the stormwater facility
Usage of roof tops along the street
  • —We can utilize the roofs  of structure like bus sheds by providing vegetation on the roof of the structure
  • —Another alternative is harvesting the rain water
  • —Helpful in areas where demolition is difficult


How to go green?
  • —Recycled materials
  • —Permeable pavements
  • —Light-colored pavement
  • —Utilization of renewable sources of energy
  • —Optimizing parking space.

Precast-Concrete for Pavements
provides collection for ground water table with no pits formation


Cheaper as compared to permeable plastic mats


  • These materials are nonporous (or impervious)
  • collect oil, gasoline and other pollutants
  • This runoff can cause steady landscape erosion.
  • creating a “heat island” effect in urban environments.Heat island is due to high thermal radiations
Permeable Pavements:
  • When rain collects on nonporous pavement, it runs off, carrying the oil from vehicles with it.
  • Plastic pavers generally consist of the above components.
Energy considerations:
  • locally available material may also be a part of green design.
  • Mall road, Shimla ( only   for pedestrian  use )
  • Solar street lights
  • Banking of roads provides safety as well as means to collect rain water.

 Recycled materials

  • —Using by products like fly ash, bottom ash, boiler slag, and flue gas desulfurization gypsum.
  • —slag cement


  • Significantly reduce concrete production
  • Less carbon emissions.
  • Utilizing waste products and avoiding dependence on non renewable source.

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2 thoughts on “Green Streetscape- A Innovative concept”

  1. Green Streets……………………………….Notice Undefined index HTTP USER AGENT in htdocs www libraries joomla html html behavior.php on line 51………..Green Streets…………………….. ..What is a green street?A green street is a corridor of movement primarily for people on foot bike wheelchair and other low-impact modes of transportation… The Seattle Municipal Code defines a Green Street as …a street right-of-way which is part of the street circulation pattern that through a variety of treatments such as sidewalk widening landscaping traffic calming and pedestrian-oriented features is enhanced for pedestrian circulation and open space use. In essence narrow the roadway by moving the curb out and fill the captured space with sidewalks and greenery. from .. important note as of 2009 increasingly the term green streets refers not to non-motorized transportation but to streets that allow a natural filtration of storm water. The term bicycle boulevard seems to be a more popular moniker for streets that give more priority to non-motorized transportation especially bicycle priority ..What are the options?We have divided green streets into 4 categories share streets bicycle boulevards half streets and pedestrian streets. Share Street car is a guest follows Dutch model also called a woonerfBicycle Boulevard mid-block live-ends give bicycle priorityHalf Street a median down the middle divides uses. …could think of this almost as a paved trail running along side a roadway but not quite.Pedestrian Street car-free area usually in a downtown area cyclists usually encouraged to dismount . Also known as pedestrian plaza walking street piazza pedestrian mall.How do green streets fit into an overall transportation system?Green streets connect people to each other. Once residents understand that this is simply shifting driving and parking patterns- for the benefit of walking cycling kids play space recreation etc.- the process will be successful.A coordinated systemIf several neighborhoods are interested in gaining designation for a greenstreet it makes sense to have these streets connect.


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