Contemporary Architecture




Green building (also known as green construction or sustainable building) refers to a structure and using process that is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle: from design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. This practice expands and complements the classical building design concerns of economy, utility, durability, and comfort.


A facade is an exterior of the building together with all the elements on it. The facade is usually said to be one side of the exterior of a building, especially the front, but sometimes also the sides and rear.



  • Reduce  the summer cooling load and improve the surrounding air quality.
  • Turning the lower floors of the tower into a green façade as a cost effective way of transforming the image of the tower and increasing biodiversity.


  • Cable net facades are a true magical display of facade engineering. It uses cables in a net form and in many cases the cable can be hidden directly onto the glass panel connecting line. Cable net systems are considered by many as the most visual free construction concept in the industry.
  • The cable’s modular elasticity factor means cables will sag and tighten greatly with different temperatures of the day thus helping in regulation of temperature in the building
  • Furthermore, the massive load of the whole facade must be designed very carefully in conjunction with the structure
  • Model tests and finite element analyses were conducted to study the performance of cable net facades with glass panels under dynamic loadings.
  • The effects of the glass panels on the free vibration frequencies, damping and dynamic responses of the cable net facade were investigated using dynamic characteristics and shaking table tests. Based on the test results, a mechanism to describe the glass panels working in coordination with the cable net was proposed.
  • Under the proposed mechanism, a numerical model of the glass panels working in coordination with the cable net was established, and the corresponding analyses of the dynamic characteristics and seismic responses of the cable net facade were performed.
  • The present study shows that the bending stiffness of the glass panels has little effect on the first mode of the cable net facade, but its effect is substantial on the high modes. For the damping of the cable net facade, the glass panels play a dominant role. The seismic response of the cable net facade on most occasions is mainly reflected by the symmetric modes; the first vibration mode is dominant.


  • Flats with large windows facing south, east and west can over heat during summers due to excessive solar gains.
  • Horizontal shading devices:
  • Overhangs, light shelves and external louvres over the windows facing south.
  • designed to let direct winter gain but must protect against the summer sun.
  • Vertical shading devices:
  • Used for the windows facing eastern and western directions.
  • Overhangs -solid or opaque, and use flat or sloped designs.
  • Fixed and movable exterior louvres running horizontally or vertically across windows -reflect and diffuse sunlight.



  • Although the aesthetics and uniqueness of living walls are undoubtedly the driving force behind their current popularity, there are also many environmental benefits to green walls:
  • Reduction of thermal loading to buildings – lowers heating and cooling costs and lowers carbon emissions
  • Reduction of heat island effect – less reflected heat
  • Air purification – plants are efficient filters of pollution, especially when used indoors
  • Noise reduction – quieter buildings and streets
  • Increased urban biomass – the ecological habitat is increased even with non-native plant species


  • Living Walls Are Aesthetically Pleasing And Eco-Friendly.
  • The aesthetically pleasing nature and wow factor of living walls makes them a popular addition to any building,however green walls main benefit is environmental
  • Like so much green technology, living walls are extremely expensive to install. However, this innovation has an advantage over other eco-developments – its beauty. Unlike solar panels or wind turbines, green walls are undeniably aesthetically pleasing. The motivation for their installation is almost always to enhance the appearance of a building, with the environmental benefits often a secondary concern.



  1. DTSB has established a competitive Facade Streetscape Improvement Grant Program to provide financial assistance to property business owners seeking to renovate or restore building facades and adjacent streetscape s in downtown South Bend…The purpose of these matching grants is to provide assistance in funding well-designed building facade and streetscape improvements that respect the buildings history original design integrity and adjacent structures and that make a noticeable visual enhancement in the downtown area…..The Hope Building before facade update…..The Hope Building after facade update…This is a rebate program under which owners will be reimbursed 50 maximum grant of 25 000 of the total amount spent on the project. Examples of qualifying expenditures include but are not limited to ..Building Exterior exterior painting masonry refurbishing awnings exterior building lighting storefront entry systems and individual windows and door replacement or modification…Streetscape streetscape plantings street furniture curb and sidewalk street lights and related amenities…How to apply .


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