Contemporary Architecture

Renzo Piano – California Academy of Science


  • Renzo Piano was born into a family of builders in Genoa, Italy in 1937.
  • His grandfather, his father, four uncles and brother were all contractors and Renzo Piano admits, Renzo Piano should have been one too, but instead chose architecture.
  • Renzo Piano was studying at Milan Polytechnic Architecture School.
  • During the time 1965-1970 Renzo Piano worked in office of Louis I. Kahn in Philadelphia.
  • Richard Rogers and Piano worked together in Expo Project, Italy.
  • They enter the international competition for the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris; they did and won.
  • The Renzo-Rogers collaboration remained 6 years; in 1977 Rogers moved his office from Paris to London.

California academy of science:

  • When he appeared for the competition of California academy of science he was only with a green color sketch pen.
  • He made a conceptual sketch of roof  which represent the topography  of San Francisco
  • He tried to keep the building Low profile and then he made the Green Roofs.


  • African Hall
  • Planetarium
  • Rainforest
  • Academy Gardens
  • Islands of Evolution
  • Research Labs
  • Early Explorers Cove
  • Pendulum
  • Forum : Auditorium for lectures
  • Naturalist Center

Features of Building

  • Solar Panels to Generate Energy
  • Courtyard
  • Natural Ventilation
  • Spider Web used to make the Space Column Free
  • All the Steel used is 100% recycled
  • LEED Platinum certified Museum.
  • All the insulation provided in the building is by using Blue Denim Jeans.
  • Roof is planted with a species of native California plants.
  • Glass chosen in the project is of low iron content to maximize transparency.
  • Cutting the ground plane and lifting it up by 38 ft.

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