Contemporary Architecture

Foster & Partners – Willis Faber and Dumas


“Technology is part of civilization and being anti-technology would be like declaring war on architecture and civilization itself. If I can get carried away with some passion about the poetry of the light in one of my projects, then I can also, in the same vein, enjoy the poetry of the hydraulic engineering.”

The best architecture comes from a synthesis of all the elements that separately comprise and inform the character of a building:

  • structure that holds it up;
  • services that allow it to function;
  • its ecology;
  • quality of natural light;
  • symbolism of the form;
  • the way you move through or around it;
  • its ability to lift the spirits.

Willis Faber and Dumas ,Ipswich,UK:

  • Statistics: Area: 21 000 m2
  • Height: 21.5 m
  • Client: Willis Faber and Dumas Ltd
  • New social dimension.
  • Democratising the workplace and engendering a sense of community.


  • Design according to the site.
  • Pushing the limits of technology, the mullion-free solar-tinted-glass curtain wall.
  • sheath-like glass curtain wall.
  • By day, the glass reflects an eclectic collage of Ipswichs old buildings; by night it dissolves dramatically to reveal the building within.
  • use of escalators in a three-storey structure, the central atrium, and the social dimension offered by its swimming pool, roof-top garden and restaurant,  were all conceived in a spirit of democratizing the workplace and engendering a sense of community.

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