Contemporary Architecture

Richard Rogers – 88 Wood Street


  • ARCHITECT: Richard Rogers Partnership
  • Date: 1993-1997
  • Construction: concrete frame with steel bracing, glass curtain wall
  • first City building completed by RRP since Lloyd’s of London in 1986
  • At 4 metres x 3 metres and weighing in at 800 kg (1,760 lbs) each, the floor-to-ceiling height triple-glazed, laminated glazing units are some of the world’s largest and contain internal blinds adjusted by photoelectric cells which automatically adjust to suit the climate.


The 33,000 m² building is arranged as three linked blocks of office accommodation that step up from eight storeys on Wood Street, where the context includes two listed buildings, to fourteen and finally eighteen storeys to the west, responding to the taller built topography towards London Wall


  • Industrial aesthetics, but in a slightly different way than Llyod’s London
  • Structure and equipment as ornament
  • Use of metals in façade
  • ‘Open expression’ …..but with a control, unlike Llyod’s and Pompiduo
  • Concept of ‘machine design’ taken forward but with a different logic

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