Contemporary Architecture

Richard Rogers – National Assembly of Wales


  • ARCHITECT: Richard Rogers and Partners
  • INAUGURAL: 2 August 2006
  • LOCATION: Cardiff Bay Wales, London
  • USE: Assembly Building of Welsh or The Senedd (Senate)

Design Specifications:

  • To be an “exemplar” building in terms of sustainability
  • Creating an easily accessibility
  • Application of renewable technologies
  • Minimize energy consumption and waste
  • Life span of 100 years

About the building:

  • Transparent form of the building
  • Democratic values of openness and participation
  • Thermal mass of the plinth
  • Public spaces elevated on a slate-clad plinth
  • Roof, the most significant visual impact.
  • Wales looking with confidence to its future
  • Materials: rough slate, smooth concrete, steel, glass and timber
  • Essentially a series of shallow domes, it ripples its way out to sea
  • “wind funnel” that both ventilates and helps to daylight the chamber
  • Circular debating chamber is a lofty dome, lined inside with aluminium tubes and with a glittering light-reflector at its apex

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