Contemporary Architecture

Renzo Piano – The New York Times Building

The Building:

  • Joint collaboration between New York Times Company & real estate firm Forest City
  • Office Building
  • Eighth  Avenue, New York
  • Completed in 2004
  • 52 floors
  • 748 height (228 m)
  • Floor Area-16 lakh square feet.
  • The New York Times Company owns about 850,000 square feet on the second through the 27th floors. Forest City Ratner owns about 750,000 square feet on floors 29 through 52

Late Modern (International Style III)

“ Each architecture tells a story, and the story this new building proposes is one of lightness and transparency. This building is about defying gravity. A building that will disappear in the air, that will bring the same magic to the skyline that the neo-Gothic brings. ”

– Renzo Piano

Structure :

Steel tie bars, M100 to M56 provide bracing to each corner of the building.

Facade :

Combination of: high rise curtain wall with ceramic sunscreen, & Ultra Clear Low Iron Glass draped in ceramic tubes



Glass walled moss–&-birch garden.


378 seats (with 400 seat catering hall) Wood Panelled, with transparent wall behind stage in front of the garden vista.

High speed advanced dispatch elevators:

Gearless high speed smart elevators, 1600 ft/min.


700,000 square feet of rentable floor space spread through floors 28 to 52 with average floor size of 32000 square feet.


24000 square feet of ground floor with approximately 700 square feet of frontage.

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