Contemporary Architecture


  • His first project after setting up his practice
  • Was completed in 1966
  • Situated in the shopping center in Vienna
  • Winner of 1966 Reynolds Memorial Award even though it was one of the smallest of the projects considered by the jury


  • High-tech look is achieved by the sheet aluminium façade
  • With back to back ‘R’s for the doorway
  • “Attention is not drawn to the shop by gaudy neon signs or large, stuffed full shop windows but through its architecture”
  • Mechanical and lighting fixtures are integral part of the design
  • Customer is confronted directly with the products for sale
  • There are no counters acting as barriers
  • After passing through the showroom he enters the storage room, which also is the sales area
  • Polished and anodized aluminium in the interior
  • Aluminium used because it is “a true material of our century”
  • It is easy to work with,  lightness allows large parts to be assembled, easily transported and surface gives the required aesthetic appearence
  • Its silver hue was used as the main theme of the design including advertisements, silver shopping bags and wrapping paper


  • Post Modern building
  • Situated in Stephansplatz in Vienna
  • Built overlooking the St. Stephens Cathedral
  • Was completed in 1980
  • The building houses retail, office and restaurant spaces
  • Concrete frame with stone cladding and glass
  • Blocks of marble jut out from building at odd angles
  • 5 storey interior atrium with luxury stores
  • 3 floors of offices
  • Basements and roof for restaurants, mechanical equipments and storage

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