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The Architecture of Happiness

Disclamer: This post has nothing to do with the book “Architecture of Happiness” by Alain de Botton apart from the fact that the name of the book did fascinate me.

It’s almost three years since I decided to take up Architecture as my future profession. It was rather not a choice but the only possible chance for me to enter one of India’s most prestigious institution, the IIT. The day my home PC screen stated that you have been allotted the B.Arch degree at IIT Roorkee, my mind was thrown into a state of chaos. On one side I had to weigh all the math and physics I had learned and on the other side the IITian tag. Ultimately the latter proved the heavier candidate.

Three years of exposure to the field of architecture has had a substantial impact on me. Be it in changing the way I see things around me or in clearing the myths and truths of this ‘creative’ field. Well I may not be in the best of Architecture schools but a competitive atmosphere makes a lot of difference.

A few years back a building may not be of a great significance to me apart from its functional characteristics. But now its Architectural style, material, construction type is what fascinates me more.It is an obvious thing that one tends to relative things around him to what he studies.A few years back Qutab Minar to me, was only a tall tower built by Qutb ud-in Aibak . But today it a 13th century,five storied red sandstone structure built in a complex which once housed many Hindu temples whose each layer has a different plan designed to create a sense of dynamism to the viewer.

The biggest myth of Architecture according to me :”A good sketcher is a good Architect.” A good sketcher need not necessarily be a good architect. There are examples but lets not discuss that here. What makes a good architect is still a debatable question. One may say its the knowledge of space, another the aesthetics and others may say the knowledge of function. Let’s leave that to the experts to decide.

Architecture is undoubtedly the worst hit profession by recession but that doesn’t mean Architecture will decay. As long as human being survive he would need a house to dwell , an office to work in ,a mall to shop in, a Multiplex to entertain him and an architect to design it. ( To be contd. at some later point of time)

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