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Something about me and the Evolution of this Blog

I’m Sreekanth P. S.,a fourth year student of Architecture (as of 2010) at the currently Rank One college of architecture in India IIT Roorkee.(Well you need to be a student of this department to know the underlying sarcasm in the above sentence)

I was born in the town popularly known as the “Venice of the east” Alapuzha and was brought up in the city of Kochi in Kerala.I did my schooling from Udyogmandal School,Eloor.

I was never into architecture at any point of time of my life. The credits to me ending up graduating as an architect goes to the IITJEE , which I some how managed to crack(For those unaware of the facts its one damn tough exam :P). Since the only respectable branch my JEE rank could offer was the B.Arch degree, I accepted it. For people like me who follow the path of destiny, accepting things that come their way is the only option.

So since I’m here graduating in this course and since I have managed a pretty good domain name on word press I thought why not share some of my thoughts on architecture. That’s the story of the evolution of the blog.

Hoping I can take this long……


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